Creating open and engaging learning environments

We look at schools in diverse dimensions: pedagogical, architectural, technological and social, and we provide school communities with tools, methods and inspirations to help them teach better and wisely shape real and virtual surroundings for their students.

Building digital citizenship

We strongly believe the border between the online and offline world doesn’t exist anymore. This is why we teach how to raise conscious, self driven and self aware citizens, who will follow their values no matter if they are in a real or virtual environment.

Teaching how to think and understand the world

The world of today is complex. Our programs give an opportunity of looking at this complexity through different fields of knowledge (history, math, science, social sciences), and to use it to understand and solve everyday problems.

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Supporting wellbeing, mental and physical health

We believe schools are one of the key players in supporting childrens’ well being and preventing mental health problems. Our programs help school communities become safe and open environments.

Developing social awareness and engagement

Schools should shape citizens ready to actively change the world around them. We support multicultural classrooms and address potential challenges to share with educators and students how to act with respect to diversity and supporting democratic values.

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