The Drops of Mindfulness

The Drops of Mindfulness project focuses on implementing mindfulness in everyday school practice. The aim of the project is to provide teachers with skills and competences to practice mindfulness in their everyday lives. That is the first step, and in the second they are able to use mindfulness in school activities to support their students to be more mindful and, in consequence, to be healthier and happier. The project focuses on everyday small practices (drops) that allow us to concentrate, reduce stress and anxiety, and ensure balance.

We operate according to the principle: short moments of mindfulness repeated often

strengthen the “attention muscle”. The project is addressed to both teachers who already practice mindfulness and those who are just starting their adventure with mindfulness in their work. We cooperate with teachers at all educational levels.

What do we offer?

What will you learn from the program?

In the school year of 2022/2023, we organized a series of mindfulness courses for teachers, consisting of two elements: 8 weeks of mindfulness training and 4 weeks of mentoring around the practice of The Drops of Mindfulness with students in classes. Over 100 teachers participated in it and then practiced mindfulness at school with over 5300 students.

The Drops of Mindfulness project is implemented by the School with Class Foundation in cooperation with the Edumind Mindfulness in Education Foundation thanks to the financing of the AstraZeneca Young Health Programme.