The School of Wellbeing

The School of Wellbeing is a project carried out in cooperation with the Association of

Friends of the Polish School in Reykjavik, Iceland. We are creating a pedagogical innovation to raise awareness of the schools role in strengthening students mental health. We support teachers, educators, principals, and preventionists. Furthermore, we show how to understand mental wellbeing in the school context (knowledge component), how to implement specific strategies (methodological component), create teaching aids and materials for working with students (practical component) and show how teachers really work with them (inspirational component).

The aim of the project is to strengthen teachers, principals and educators in the area of supporting the mental health of young people and showing the role of the school in this area. We work within six topics: peer violence, digital wellbeing, self-esteem, depression and mood disorders, crisis intervention, class integration, equipping teachers with materials and ideas on how to build long-term change in schools.

What will you learn in the program?


The package of materials forms a coherent thematic sequence compromising knowledge, strategy and practice. 

From the KNOWLEDGE component, you will learn how to understand each of the six topics, what they actually are, and how they relate to school. We also dispel myths about them and describe typical activities undertaken by schools in this area. In this component, you will find texts, as well as infographics to use, for example, during presentations for parents at meetings or for colleagues from the teaching council or management.

In the STRATEGY component, you will find information on how wellbeing activities should be implemented at school in a logical and coherent way, involving the entire school community. This module also offers specific action strategies for each of the six areas.

The PRACTICE component includes ideas for interesting activities and tasks to use directly in class with students. These small things, when repeated, carry significant meaning as they support the process of building wellbeing in the class. Feel free to take and use them with your students during lessons or in other school situations.

Materials to download:

The School of Wellbeing benefits from funding worth EUR 127,000 from Iceland,

Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds. The project is co-financed by the Polish- American Freedom Foundation.