What do we offer our partners?

We work with business and institutional partners, offering our knowledge and expertise. If you are close to our values, read what we can do together!

  1. We can help you create an innovative educational program to support your mission. We offer expert support in preparing educational materials based on the latest scientific research.
  2. We will develop educational materials together with your organization on a selected topic and help you organize training or meetings not only for male and female employees, but also for a wider audience.
  3. Together we will introduce foreign materials, programs and methods to the Polish market (e.g. we were a forerunner in introducing DT methodology to the Polish market, and were among the first to introduce Agile to schools). We are able to adapt them to domestic realities and successfully implement global campaigns in Poland. We also successfully introduce local projects to global markets.
  4. We will organize training for your male and female employees or for a group of your choice. 
  5. We will help you organize employee volunteering and support charitable activities together with your team.

Support existing educational programs together with us – we know how to do it!

They trust us

Thanks to support from, we run the Be Internet Awesome (BIA) program in Central and Eastern Europe, known in Poland as Aces of the Internet, which strengthens digital citizenship competencies in young people. There are currently 11 countries under our umbrella. 

In cooperation with the Edumind Mindfulness in Education Foundation, we have prepared the Drops of Mindfulness project in Poland, organized with funding from AstraZeneca Young Health Program. It assumes the development of attentiveness competence of non-teachers and teachers, so that they can better respond to the needs of young people.

Together with Tandu, we have developed an online learning platform to help children effectively acquire knowledge and skills in small groups. 

In cooperation with the mBank Foundation, we created lesson plans on famous mathematicians based on articles developed by mBank.

All organizations that would like to cooperate with us and contribute to the development of innovation are welcome to contact us. Together we can go above and beyond and show that the future of the world depends on smart education.

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