School with Class

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School with Class is a comprehensive school development program, based on a design thinking approach, which helps schools to become modern and engaged learning environments.

The main goals are to develop students’ responsibility, enhance empowerment, develop creativity and collaboration. The program supports teachers and directors through on-site training, workshops and online coaching for every school. 

The program has operated since 2002, initially as one of the largest and most recognizable nationwide social campaigns. Since then it evolved into a year-long development program for schools of all educational levels from all over Poland. 

In the School with Class programme we work only with teachers who learn in Polish, so all the related materials are available in Polish.

What do we offer in the programme?

What will you learn from the programme?

It has already involved


Teachers participating in the program are more open to diversifying their classes and carrying out additional projects that enrich the institution's offerings. Students are more willing to engage in activities if they are signed with the program's name.

Principal of the school in Krzywaczka, Poland

After taking part in the School with Class program, I noticed that lessons became more interesting, dynamic, and students are more willing to participate.

A teacher from an elementary school in Lublin, Poland

The program is financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.