Education Inspiration

Education Inspiration is a grant programme in which, together with the Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation, we support ideas for educational projects.

The programme is aimed at teachers from towns with up to 30,000 inhabitants. In the six editions to date, more than 200 projects have been created, with more than 4,000 pupils taking part. 


We aim to appreciate teachers – by enabling them to implement their own ideas – and to develop their professional skills. The programme also encourages them to go beyond the patterns of standard school activities and to discover the potential in pupils, develop their interests and encourage social involvement based on values such as tolerance, solidarity and equality.

What do we offer in the programme?

What will you learn from the programme?

number of projects developed under the Education Inspiration program
this is how much we have allocated for the implementation of projects
that's how many students took part in the projects

Education Inspiration is a program run by the Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation in cooperation with the School with Class Foundation.