Asy Internetu

Asy Internetu is a program aimed at Polish schools and kindergartens that develops a new approach to teaching digital citizenship.

 It focuses on building competences and positive attitudes. It helps young people to be more conscious and responsible online. We provide teachers with an e-learning course, trainings, lesson plans and games.  

The program has been run in Poland since 2018 and is constantly being updated to adapt to changing trends and challenges related to the Internet, such as new technologies and online threats. Initially designed for students aged 10 to 15, it now also provides resources for early childhood education teachers. We create new materials helping to develop digital citizenship, like games and sets of stories with learning scenarios. Based on our survey, a staggering 90% of the students participating in the program have reported finding it beneficial for their daily web usage. Additionally, an impressive 97% of teachers have expressed that they find the program’s content valuable in their oth

What do we offer in the programme?

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Thanks to the Asy Internetu, for the past two years we have been learning to catch a balance in the use of the network. We are quietly implementing, consolidating the learned program values. The proposed educational activities teach us, give us time to play, allow us to correct our behavior. We implement them in the proposed form, modify and create our own, so we are never bored.

Barbara Ochmanska, teacher implementing the Asy Internetu program

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