Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome is a global digital citizenship educational program implemented in many countries around the world. It is directed at students from the age of 6 to 18.

Since 2021, the School with Class Foundation has taken a lead role in coordinating the CEE effort of implementing and scaling the program. It is run nationally by local institutions from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Moldova, Slovakia, Ukraine. In each country the model of the program differs and is adapted to the local needs having as a common framework the BIA curriculum, that provides lesson scenarios for students teaching them the following universal attitudes and values that are needed both online and offline.

Results of the 2021-2023 survey among trained teachers and students revealed that over 90% of the students agree that participation in the BIA program was useful in their everyday use of the Internet, and over 96% of the teachers acknowledge the usefulness of what they do during the Be Internet Awesome activities for other lessons they provide. 

What do we offer in the programme?

What will you learn from the programme?

The program is supported by It is run by Udruga Suradnici u Učenju in Croatia, Jules a Jim in Czech Republic, International Children’s Safety Services (ICSS) in Hungary, FORTH in Greece, Vedliai in Lithuania, DROSS Internets – Latvian Internet Association in Latvia, School with Class Foundation in Poland, Adfaber in Romania and Moldova, Manageria in Slovakia as well as EdCamp in Ukraine.