Digital HI-Storytelling

As part of the Digital HI-Storytelling (DigHist) programme, we present innovative tools for teaching 20th century European history and civic education. We work on the basis of the digital storytelling method, which supports the creation of engaging and interesting lessons for young people. 

Thanks to an international collaboration with organizations from Spain (Asociación Smilemundo) and Belgium (Museum BELvue), we have developed a European narrative of 20th century history that will help students to better understand global historical processes. The materials we created were based on the findings of the report “Digital HI-storytelling. Research report” and the training methodology.

What do we offer in the programme?

What will you learn from the programme?

88% of students find digital storytelling more engaging than traditional teaching. 

Ginger Malin (2010), Is It Still Considered Reading? Using Digital Video Storytelling to Engage Adolescent Readers

Students’ motivation increases by 69% due to the inclusion of game elements in learning activities.  

Research conducted by the University of Rochester.